“Our transportation challenges are clear. To attract business and jobs to Virginia, we need to make it easier for citizens to get to work, and for goods to get to the market.”

To attract business and jobs to Virginia, we need to make it easier for citizens to get to work, and for goods to get to the market. This is also a quality of life issue – Virginians should not be spending hours every day away from their family and life because they are stuck in traffic coming home from work.

The McDonnell Transportation Plan

“End Gridlock, Create Jobs: Get Virginia Moving Again”
Virginia’s transportation system is at a crossroads. We need a serious reexamination of our Commonwealth’s underlying transportation policies and strategies. During this time of scarce state resources, severe economic hardships for many of our citizens, and mounting transportation infrastructure needs, it is essential that we align our overall transportation policies and strategies so that they deliver the type of performance and support for economic growth that our citizens and businesses require, and do so in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible.

Funding Transportation Improvements

With a new strategy focused on reducing time frames and excuses, using creative approaches and not just tax increases, achieving measurable outcomes and not simply applying processes, we can more honestly approach the taxpayer, the driver, the transit rider, the trucking company, and the shipper to discuss how we pay for the variety of costs associated with efficiently operating and expanding a top transportation system. There are a variety of revenue sources that will be a component of our reform strategy.

Transportation System Improvement

Performance Targets As described above, we need to expand the emphasis on improving performance in the areas of congestion, travel time reliability, transportation system fatalities, project delivery and operations and environmental impacts as the ultimate objective of our transportation policy. We must re-allocate our scarce resources and implement cutting edge policy approaches to reverse performance declines, not simply slow their growth. This is an approach supported by virtually every independent commission and study that has examined fundamental causes of U.S. transportation failures. Virginia has the chance to become a national leader in this regard.

Priority Projects

The following projects have consistently ranked among the top priority for regional authorities, transportation experts and the general public for years. They have been stalled for one reason after another. Bob McDonnell will provide the leadership, based on the principles laid out in this plan and the funding sources identified, to get these projects moving. In Northern Virginia, our priority projects include widening I-66 inside the beltway, completing the 495 HOT lane project on time and on budget, beginning the process of I-395/I-95 HOT lanes to Fredericksburg, rail to Dulles, high speed passenger rail and Route 7 improvements.