More Energy, More Jobs

More Energy, More Jobs

“Let’s put ideology aside and be comprehensive when it comes to our energy future.  Yes, we must develop new technologies for wind, solar, biomass, and other renewables.  But we also need oil and natural gas, and to speed up the approval and permitting process for nuclear and clean-coal plants. I will be a Governor who develops all of Virginia’s energy resources to make life better for all of our citizens.”

– Former Attorney General Bob McDonnellBob’s “More Energy, More Jobs” Plan
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Bob McDonnell will be a jobs Governor. The cornerstone of the McDonnell administration will be an all-out effort to create new jobs and greater opportunities for all Virginians.  We need more energy in Virginia at a reasonable price, and that means we must utilize all the resources available to us. Thankfully in Virginia the resources are plentiful, and if we fully develop them all we can be the “Energy Capital of the East Coast.”

As we look at ways to improve and expand our energy supply in Virginia, we must be aware of our current energy mix. According to a Wall Street Journal article on March 4, 2009 by Robert Bryce, editor of Energy Tribune, solar and wind produce approximately 1.1% of American’s total electricity consumption. In Virginia the situation is slightly better, with approximately 2.7% of our net electricity generated by renewables. The reality is, in Virginia, coal-fire energy leads the way with 43%, followed by nuclear at 33.5%, natural gas at 13.6%, petroleum-fired at 6.3% and hydroelectric at 1.8% of our net electricity generation (January 2009).

Currently, Virginia is the second largest importer of electricity behind California.  This is unacceptable.  While we have made great strides in the Commonwealth to form a comprehensive energy plan – we are in the infancy stage of creating a plan to provide affordable renewable energy in the future.  Green energy must be cultivated to make it commercially practical and affordable. Renewables will certainly play an integral role in our energy future, but now we must take a comprehensive approach. We must create an environment to keep a ready supply of low cost energy.  Our economy and quality of life depend on it.

Bob McDonnell’s plan for “More Energy, More Jobs” takes an “all of the above” approach to solving our energy crisis. His administration will continue to support the traditional sources of energy that provide thousands of jobs to Virginians and help keep our electricity costs fairly low. He will also expand investments in renewable energy sources and incentivize green job creation so that the future of Virginia remains bright.

Components of Bob’s comprehensive energy plan

  • Explore and Drill for Oil and Natural Gas off Virginia’s Coast
  • Support Virginia’s Coal and Nuclear Industries
  • Expedite Permitting and Approval Processes for Energy Facilities
  • Support Alternative and Renewable Forms of Energy and make Virginia a “Green Jobs Zone”
  • Establish the Virginia Universities Clean Energy Development and Economic Stimulus Foundation
  • Leverage Tobacco Commission Funds to Transform Southside and Southwest Virginia into America’s Energy Corridor
  • Support Affordable Energy Efficient Improvements and Conservation
  • Improve Energy Reliability and Affordability with SMART Grids and Buildings